The Evolution Of Latin Music Trend In The Music World

Latin Music is one of the most popular genres in the US music industry, even more than Country and EDM. The development of Latin Music as a powerful commercial force is one of the most significant narratives in the contemporary pop.

Since the music genres have been receiving recognition worldwide, and that too individually, the Latin hits are now everywhere- on the radio, concerts, clubs, TV and even commercials too.

What Makes Latin Music A Popular Trend In The Music World?

The best thing about Latin Music is that it is danceable. The power to not only keep the focus of music listeners to head, but also, shift it to toes making them dance is a key. This danceable characteristic of Latin Music makes it language agnostic. Due to the rhythmic upbeat vibes, Latin Music style appears to appeal people from all backgrounds and ages.

Moreover, Latin Music was produced for Latin audience mainly for years, but the Latin Music emerged to be produced for global ear with time. And today, Latin Music has its fans and music lovers in the country as well as from outside the country, as it seems nearly impossible to see country music making a place and trending in other regions.

How Latin Music Made Its Place In the Top Charts?

In 2017, Latin hits made a spectacular count of 19 songs hitting the top charts. And also, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito is one of the most famous Latin hits which is now the most played song in any language. Latin Music has been progressing yearly.

But, how did this happen? A very simple and easy answer to this is screaming. Because yes, streaming is a very important factor that contributes a lot to the evolution of any genre in the music world.  Music streaming has proved to be a game changer in the music world. And also, streaming gives the artists the power of fame and popularity and not radios and DJs. and so, streaming has contributed a lot in the evolution of Latin Music helping the Latin Music to become music fan’s favorite all over the world, especially in the US music world.

Latin Music is literally far from being new. The only thing that caused its popularity in the music world is that in the recent years Latin Music has become mainstream more than ever before. Since 2014, Latin Music demand has been steading increasing after Enrique Iglesias’s ‘Bailando’ and Nicky Jam’s ‘El Perdon’. These hits gained huge popularity and success, mainly due to music streaming services such as YouTube and Spotify.

To sum up, Latin music has grown a lot all around the world. Plus, Latin Music has also gained a popular place in the top charts. But, considering all of the changes and trends that the music industry undergoes and the lift in popularity of Latin Music, the ideal of music production, management and promotion is also changing.

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